Five Rare Cashmere Luxury Fibres

yamaa9 Bayandelger Red (Khentii Red)

The Bayandelger (or Khentii) Red is sourced from Khentii, it has natural beige fibre with a red cast giving the fibres a warm and appealing look in its natural state. Known in Japan as Khentii Red. This was particularly popular in Japan in the late 90s and early 2000s. The special quality has been kept in its natural state by spinners and weavers in Japan, commanding a higher price than other cashmere fibres.

yamaa3 Shine Jinst White

The Shine Jinst White is sourced from shone Jinst soum, with microns bordering 16 – 16.2 and the length around 40mms. Mongolian white cashmere is known in the international market place as being off white in colour, coarse at over 16.7 microns and containing black hair. However, with careful selection and breeding from purebred bucks of the Zara Jinst family. The high quality fibre, white in colour, has a micron of 15.7 and fibre length of 38 mms. No black hair is obtained.


yamaa10 Batsagaan Blue

The Batsagaan Blue is another rare type of cashmere fibre. The names originates from the blue hair outer coat that is unique to this goat breed. The dehaired cashmere is a natural beige with a bluish grey cast. This colour has a very masculine look and is ideally suited to men’s garments. The micron borders on 17.5, which is the upper limit for what is internationally recognised and accepted as fine cashmere, and has a length of 42 mms.


cap5 Tsagaan Ovoo (White Ovoo)

The Tsagaan Ovoo is the best natural beige fibre that can be found. It has a micron of around 15.8 and fibre length of 40mms.


rc30 Durvuljin Brown

The Durvuljin Brown along with Tumurbulag, sourced from Khuvsgul aimag, is where the best brown Mongolian fibre can be found at around 16.3 microns and 42 mms in length.


Please note that all cashmere fibres’ microns and length depends on the coldness of the winter. The colder the winter, the greater the micros and length of the cashmere fibre.

Zalaa Jinst’s white goat